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MCM2 Crew 1 return to sea in an old friend

HMS Hurworth
24 July 2018
Second Mine Counter Measure Squadron (MCM2) Crew 1 moved onto their latest platform, HMS Hurworth in June, alongside in Portsmouth as they begin a 6 month training and generation package ahead of an operational deployment next year.

Headed by a new Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Mark Heward, this busy period will see the crew put through their paces in a range of exercises designed to test their ability to operate in one of the most volatile regions of the world.

From mine hunting to fire fighting, the crew will have to work as a team to prove they are ready to support the UK’s ongoing commitments in the Arabian Gulf.

As part of their preparations, Hurworth will also participate in Exercise Trident Juncture working with NATO allies in one of the largest exercises of the year comprising 40,000 personnel, 70 warships and over 120 aircraft.

“This is a fantastic challenge for the team. We have a lot of young sailors who are still to properly serve at sea. Operational Sea Training will provide them the opportunity to put their professional training to use whilst working in a close knit team, preparing them mentally and physically for the challenges of deployment.” said Lt Cdr Heward.

This is a fantastic challenge for the team. We have a lot of young sailors who are still to properly serve at sea

Lieutenant Commander Mark Heward, Commanding Officer

In 2019 MCM2 Crew 1 will join 3 other crews deployed in the Arabian Gulf who will be primarily focused on locating and disposing of sea mines or historical ordinance that could threaten strategically vital sea lines of communication, as well as providing routine maritime security throughout the region.

Working with a range of coalition partners, Crew 1 will have to be able to integrate and operate with a variety of other nations overcoming challenges including language barriers. 

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