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Sultan STEM ambassadors showcase RN Engineering at TeenTech Hampshire

4 July 2018
A group of volunteers from HMS Sultan recently joined the Royal Navy team to promote Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at TeenTech Hampshire.

The event held in Basingstoke, brought children from schools all over the UK, together with leading scientists, engineers and technologists from companies displaying the very latest in cutting edge technology.

From robotics to broadcast technology, precision engineering to world class scientific research, the event showcased a wide range of career opportunities within the technology sector.

One of the key features of TeenTech events is the use of business ‘ambassadors’ who accompany small groups of students and teachers throughout the day. Around 30 business volunteers from STEM companies offered their time to support, inspire and chat to young people as they experienced the event.

Being an ambassador is such a key role because for many teenagers, they may have never met anyone working in science, engineering or technology

Chief Petty Officer Sandra Parkinson, STEM Ambassador HMS Sultan

Chief Petty Officer Sandra Parkinson was among the Royal Navy team who were also promoting the 2018 cross government campaign ‘Year of Engineering’.

She said, “Being an ambassador is such a key role because for many teenagers, they may have never met anyone working in science, engineering or technology.”

“A STEM career path doesn’t always mean you have to go to university and events like this help to dispel many of the stereotypical images students may have and expose them to career paths they never realised existed.”

“We work hard to inspire the students, but as Ambassadors we also get to draw inspiration from their enthusiasm.”

For the ambassadors the event also offered the opportunity to meet TeenTech creator and former Tomorrow’s World presenter Maggie Philbin OBE who continues to passionately showcase STEM to younger generations.

As part of the UK Government's Year of Engineering programme, the Royal Navy have been actively promoting and sponsoring STEM events up and down the country to assist with the national shortage of engineers and encouraging school children to take a closer look at engineering careers.

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