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HMS Collingwood sailor completes charity challenge

4 July 2018
A Warfare Specialist from HMS Collingwood has completed a gruelling bike ride, raising over £1000 for the charity whose research helped save his life.

On 17th June, POWS (AWT) (Petty Officer Warfare Specialist, Above Water Training) 42 year old Christopher Potter tackled the tough 54 mile London to Brighton bike ride to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and to support their research.

Back in April 2017 Christopher suffered a sudden and massive cardiac arrest at work.

After being revived three times, he then faced a fight against an aggressive form of pneumonia during a month-long stay in hospital.

I really enjoyed it, although it was hard going up Ditchling Beacon because it is so steep.

POWS (AWT) Christopher Potter

He’s now had an Internal Cardiac Defibrillation unit fitted that is monitored remotely via a mobile telephone connection and which can sense when his heart begins to beat irregularly and correct it immediately.

Should his heart stop again, it will administer a shock to revive him.

Christopher began the 54 mile ride with his spirits un-dampened by the initial rain and managed to complete a massive 40 miles before stopping for a short rest and refreshment before tackling the daunting Ditchling Beacon.

At 248 metres above sea-level, this is the highest point in East Sussex and this stretch, just seven miles from the finishing line in Brighton, has tested the best in the cycling world, being part of the Tour de France and also the Tour of Britain.

Christopher completed the entire ride in a very impressive three hours and fifty-three minutes and said later, “I really enjoyed it, although it was hard going up Ditchling Beacon because it is so steep.

“However, it was very exhilarating coming down when I clocked 51mph!”

To date, Christopher has raised over £1000 for the British Heart Foundation, including £326 raised from a quiz night held at the Castle Inn in Harwich.

He now plans to complete the Ride 100 London event next year and hopes to raise even more funds for the charity.

To support Christopher and donate to The British Heart Foundation to further their excellent work, please visit 

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