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1000 Wildcat hours

8 January 2018
A Yeovilton Lieutenant has achieved 1000 Flying Hours on the Royal Navy’s newest helicopter, Wildcat.

Lt Frank Suter received his Observer Wings in the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm on Lynx Mk3 as he says,“My proudest moment.”

With a varied career Frank has deployed to Telic in 2003 on HMS Liverpool and on HMS Kent.

He has deployed on HMS Montrose MARSTRIKE 05 followed by  HMS Southampton on APT(S) including a 3.5 tonne haul of cocaine from the coaster MV Rampage and successful SAR for the Lady Sasha (6 rescued) returning to the UK in Feb 06. 

My aspiration is to keep flying until they stop me!

Lieutenant Frank Suter RN

His career thus far has seen him deployed worldwide and as close to home as Northern.

Frank adds the 1000 Wildcat hours to his 2303 flying hours on Lynx up to 2012 before transferring to Wildcat HMA.

When asked what the best part of his job is he replied;  “For me the best part of the job is the challenging flying associated with the role and my greatest achievement was helping to save the lives of 6 people in the Caribbean in 2006.

“My aspiration is to keep flying until they stop me! The Wildcat is a leap forward from the Lynx Mk8 and an excellent aircraft to fly and operate.”

Franks hobby is keeping fit and participating in running events with the Great Wall of China Marathon, and the Jurassic Coast Challenge 100km Ultra-Marathon with the intention to raise a few quid for the RNRMC.

BZ Lt Suter and here’s to the next 1000!

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