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Mine Clearance Divers and Weapon Engineering Branch managers visit the Oxford URNU

22 February 2018
On 8 Feb 18 the Weapon Engineering General Service and Submarine Service Branch Managers, Lt Cdr Paul Maddison and Lt Cdr Ivor Mcquaid, visited the Unit to brief the Officer Cadets on the fantastic opportunities available to the potential WE graduate officers among them.

The comprehensive presentation covered the role of Weapon Engineer Officers and an in depth explanation of the 2 and a half year training pipeline.

The brief also showcased the many benefits afforded to graduates leaving university to join the Weapon Engineer Branch including City & Guilds awards, Chartered Engineer status, MSc opportunities and the current £27,000 joining bonus.

After the presentation was concluded the Branch Managers opened the floor to many questions from the Officer Cadets.

For the second period of evening training RN Mine Clearance Diving Officers from Southern Diving Unit briefed the Unit on their role. OiC Team 2, Lt Cdr Jonny Campbell, and OiC Team 1, Lt James Oxley RN, briefed the Unit on Military Diver training, Explosive Ordnance Disposal and recent operations.

They also demonstrated some of the world class equipment they use which afforded the opportunity for some of the Officer Cadets to dress in 'the bomb suit' and diver helmet.

It was a good evening of varied training which drew much enthusiasm and interaction from the Officer Cadets that was great to see.

Lieutenant Will Jones

Lieutenant Will Jones RN, Commanding Officer of the Oxford URNU said: "It was a good evening of varied training which drew much enthusiasm and interaction from the Officer Cadets that was great to see.

"It was most fitting for the WE Branch Managers to visit the Unit with 2018 being the Year of Engineering."

Oxford is one of 15 URNUs located across the UK offering opportunities to 750 undergraduates from the country’s leading universities.

The URNU's mission is: "To develop an understanding of the Naval Service in undergraduates, so that those who go into civilian employment are positive advocates thereof and to facilitate a Naval Career for those who choose one."

The URNU is a chance to experience military life without commitment and gain new skills applicable to all walks of life.

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