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Sailors take to slopes with man’s best friend

19 February 2018
Mush, mush…the crew of HMS Westminster swapped their frigate for a more appropriate mode of transport in Norway.

Personnel made the most of their time alongside in Tromsø by taking to the slopes with huskies.

The use of huskies as a mode of transport in Norway is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years and in modern times has developed into a demanding endurance sport. 

Wrapped up warm, the team headed out into the wilderness to meet the huskies who were eager to get out into the snow.

The activity centre provided thick layers for the ship’s company who had spent the previous month adjusting to the harsh conditions of the Arctic as HMS Westminster learned how to operate in the extreme cold.

After an introduction to the huskies and a quick tutorial of how to ‘mush’, it was time to head off into the starlit mountains.

A 2km trail with plenty of uphills and downhills meant there was a decent work out for dogs and sailors alike.

The terrain was sometimes too steep for even the strongest of dogs requiring the sailors to jump out and push the sled up the inclines, running as part of the pack.

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