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Have your say on improvements to the Royal Navy's digital welfare support

7 February 2018
If you are a Royal Navy service leaver or the partner of a serving sailor, and you’re aged between 21 and 29, we want to hear your views about the RN’s digital presence and support.

As part of the Royal Navy’s ongoing improvement to welfare and support through digital channels, a need has been identified to review how people like you are currently accessing and using the welfare section of the Royal Navy website, and our various social media channels.

We would like to conduct some research with young families of serving personnel to better understand their experiences and content needs, so that improvements can be made to the current welfare pages.

We would also like to hear from young service leavers about your views of our digital channels. Research has already been conducted into other age groups and family groups.

If you meet any of the below criteria, please email [email protected] today with your name, contact email or phone, and say which of the criteria you fit.

Please contact us today if you are:

1. The spouse of a serving member of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines

- And you are aged between 21 and 29 years old
- Have a spouse who is currently serving in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines
- Have at least one child
- We would particularly like to hear from newly-wed spouses of those in the Naval Service

2. A recent service leaver of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines aged between 21 and 29 years old

- And you did not leave due to a dishonourable discharge
- Served for at least five years in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines
- Have accessed at least one of the Royal Navy's online services in the last three months. For example, Navy News, the Royal Navy website, forums, or Royal Navy/Royal Marines on social media (including Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

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