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Twinning agreement between BRNC and Dartmouth Academy

7 February 2018
A twinning agreement has been signed between Britannia Royal Navy College (BRNC) and Dartmouth Academy to further strengthen the close ties between the two organisations.

Captain (Capt) Jol Woodard, the Commanding Officer of BRNC, and Tina Graham, the Academy’s Principle, put their signatures to the agreement during Mrs Graham’s visit to the College.

Capt Woodard said:  “This agreement formalises the relationship we already have with the Academy and signifies our intention to develop this further. 

“Both establishments have a similar ethos, which is to help young people become the best they can be.  

The relationship we are developing with BRNC is providing aspiration and opportunity for our pupils and staff

Tina Graham

“Under this agreement Officer Cadets from BRNC and pupils of the Academy will meet and interact in an educational, cultural and sporting environment, with the intention of improving the understanding of the Royal Navy, community relations and international culture.”

Last year representatives from BRNC took part in the Academy’s Remembrance Service. 

Officer Cadets from the College were also invited to the Academy’s sports day, where they gave a demonstration on the discipline method of fitness used by the Royal Navy to develop co-ordination, physical strength and endurance.

Mrs Graham said:  “The relationship we are developing with BRNC is providing aspiration and opportunity for our pupils and staff. 

“We encourage all members of the Academy to ‘Be their best selves’ and this in entirely in line with the core values of BRNC. 

“The agreement signed today shows and absolute commitment to building a sustainable partnership which will have a positive impact on the young people of Dartmouth well into the future.”

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