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Petty Officer has given 37 dedicated years to the Royal Navy

5 February 2018
Commanding Officer of Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton thanks Petty Officer (PO) for 37 dedicated years to the Royal Navy.

Commodore Nick Tindal thanked PO William Garner saying, “Please accept my thanks and those of the wider Royal Navy for 37 years of dedicated and unfailingly loyal service and in particular to the Fleet Air Arm.

“During your time in the Royal Navy you have worked tenaciously as part of the Air Engineering Branch, thank you.”

PO Garner joined on 12 July 1977 as a Junior Engineering Mechanic (Air) 2nd class at HMS Raleigh. 

It has been an amazing life in the Royal Navy

PO William Garner

PO Garner has served in five aircraft carriers HMS Hermes, HMS Bulwark, HMS Illustrious, HMS Invincible and HMS Ark Royal on operations across the globe.

Having served on 845, 846 and 848 Naval Air Squadrons as part of Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) you embarked on HMS Fearless and HMS Intrepid and a pivotal member during extended periods detached in Norway supporting Arctic training on Clockwork.

On reaching this the end of his 37 years with the Royal Navy PO Garner said, “It has been an amazing life in the Royal Navy and I am particularly proud of my contribution to the 1982 Falklands conflict as a member of Falklands Naval Party 1222 tasked with rebuilding, flying and despatching aircraft, it’s what I joined up to do, making a difference, getting the job done!

“I have enjoyed travelling the globe promoting the Royal Navy it’s made me very proud.”

PO Garners work and dedication on the assault ship HMS Albion resulted in him becoming an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in flight deck operations and has since been used to train and mentor.

Earning two bars for Long Service and Good Conduct alongside campaign medals for his contribution to the Northern Ireland and Falklands, PO Garners expertise and exemplary standards and knowledge will not be lost as he leaves the Royal Navy and joins the RNR (Royal Naval Reserves) Branch.

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