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Festive Passing-Out-Parade at BRNC

20 December 2018
The Royal Marines Band provided some Christmas cheer as the Second Sea Lord took the salute at the final passing-out-parade held at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) this year.

Vice Admiral Tony Radakin was the inspecting officer as 123 Officer Cadets took to the parade ground to mark their successful completion of the 29-week initial naval training course and formal commissioning as Naval Officers. 

As he in inspected the platoons the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Plymouth played some festive tunes to the delight of the families and friends watching from the side.

The passing-out platoons also include 23 cadets from 12 different countries who had trained alongside those destined for a career in the Royal Navy. 

It was a real pleasure to be invited to Britannia Royal Naval College to inspect and personally congratulate the latest group of Cadets to complete training.

Vice Admiral Tony Radakin RN

In addition among those completing training were 19 Medical Officers, 19 Officers promoted from the ranks and 11 new officers for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service.

The Second Sea Lord said:  “It was a real pleasure to be invited to Britannia Royal Naval College to inspect and personally congratulate the latest group of Cadets to complete training. 

“They have joined the Royal Navy at a very exciting time with the arrival of the new Aircraft Carriers and the F35 jets, along with the new ships and submarines in design and build. 

“These are the men and women who will take the Royal Navy further forward into the 21st century, manning these new vessels and leading our sailors. 

“It was also great to meet their families and friends.  Families and friends provide vital support to our sailors and Royal Marines and without them our jobs would be so much more difficult.”

Among the Medical Officers passing out was Surgeon Lieutenant Jason Jones, from Umberleigh, in Devon.  He joined the Royal Navy in March 2013 as a sponsored Medical Cadet and completed his medical degree at the Peninsular Medical School in Plymouth. 

The 26-year-old said:  “I joined the Royal Navy for a structured and different way of working.  I wanted to work in a variety of challenging environments across the world and practice varied medicine. 

“I’ve made friends for life so far and the high personal standards required of us in training, I will continue to demonstrate throughout my Naval career. 

“It’s been a gruelling, but enjoyable time at BRNC.  I’m extremely proud to now be a commissioned officer in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy. 

“My ambition is to progress to Lieutenant Commander in the next five years and specialise in emergency medicine.”

This latest passing-out-parade brings the total number of Cadets that have completed training at BRNC this year to 445. 

The College has also provided training for over 270 members of the Royal Naval Reserve, while the Royal Naval Leadership Academy has trained over 4,000 students across three sites. 

Captain Jol Woodard, the Commanding Officer of BRNC, said.  “It has been another extremely busy year of the College.

“As we reflect on the achievements of this latest group of Cadets, my staff can also be proud of the contribution that BRNC continues to make to the operational capability of the Fleet, as they return home to their families for some well-deserved Christmas leave.”

The passing-out platoons were joined on the parade ground by Cadets at varying stages of their training. 

Vice Admiral Radakin is the Royal Navy’s Principal Personnel Officer and is responsible for the delivery of the Naval Service’s current and future personnel, equipment and infrastructure.

He assumed the role of Second Sea Lord in March this year and it has recently been announced that he is to be promoted to Admiral to succeed Admiral Sir Philip Jones as First Sea Lord.   Vice Admiral Radakin completed his own training at BRNC in 1990.

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