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Families join forces to welcome submarine home to Faslane

3 April 2018
Family members of serving submariners have praised the services of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Welfare (RMRMW) Team.

Families join forces to welcome submarine home to FaslaneAround 200 family members and loved ones recently gathered at a vantage point close to HM Naval Base Clyde to welcome home the latest Vanguard Class Submarine to complete a successful patrol.

Coaches took the families to Rhu where they cheered and waved welcome home banners as the giant ballistic submarine sailed past to her home port of HM Naval Base Clyde.

While waiting for their loved ones to disembark the submarine, the families were taken to the Supermess within HMS Neptune where the RNRMW team had laid on a homecoming event for them.

There was a buffet lunch for everyone and games, face painting and a children’s entertainer to keep the kids amused while family and friends caught up with a coffee and a chat.

Some of the loved ones had travelled a fair distance to attend the homecoming. Louise and Neil Bonner had set off from Staffordshire at five in the morning to welcome home their son David from his first deployment.

I am so grateful for the amazing help and support I have received during this deployment and especially the past few weeks

Hayley Hart

Families join forces to welcome submarine home to Faslane“We are so happy to be here to meet David when he arrives back at Faslane and we are really impressed with all the effort that’s gone into organising the homecoming, “said Louise.

“We were met at the train station and taken to Helensburgh where we got straight on the coach with all the other families. We really appreciate how kind and thoughtful everyone has been throughout the day.”

Mum of two Hayley Hart was particularly pleased that her husband Colin was coming home. Hayley broke her ankle on New Year’s Eve while putting out the wheelie bin.

Her leg has been in a cast since then and she has depended on the support of her mother-in-law, who kindly travelled up from Lancashire to help out with her two boys, seven year old Jack and Henry aged four.

Hayley also received fantastic support from RNRMW and SSAFA, who even organised a dog- walker for the much loved family pet.

“I am so grateful for the amazing help and support I have received during this deployment and especially the past few weeks,” said Hayley.

“Now I can’t wait to see my husband and the boys are so excited too. Jack and Henry were both up at 4:20am this morning to help me put up welcome home banners for their daddy.”

The homecoming event is the culmination of a package of support provided to families and loved-ones during the submarine’s deployment and is a joint venture arranged by the RNRMW Team and Royal Navy personnel.

The Royal Navy Royal Marines Welfare Team provide accessible support services that strengthen and enhance the resilience and resourcefulness of Naval Service personnel, their families and communities.

The returning vessel is one of four Vanguard class submarines which, between them, maintain the country’s Continuous At Sea Deterrent.

Since 1969, at least one Royal Navy ballistic submarine has been on patrol, a constant deterrent against the most extreme threats to our national security and way of life.

After each patrol the submarines return to HM Naval Base Clyde, which has been home to the submarine based nuclear deterrent for five decades and will be the home to the entire UK Submarine Service by 2020.

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