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New boats for Gibraltar Defence Police

New boats for Gibraltar Defence Police
21 September 2017
Three new high-speed interceptor vessels have been delivered to the marine section of the Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP).

The interceptors have been named after three Gibraltar Services Police officers who died 75 years ago in an explosion in Tangiers.

A future maintenance facility will be named after another officer who died on that day, Sergeant Terence Henning.

The vessels, which feature state-of-the-art navigational and safety equipment, were fitted out by South Boats Ltd on the Isle of Wight.

The largest vessel, the Charles Curtis, is a 44ft fast interceptor. The Abraham Attias is 36ft and is powered by three 300hp outboard engines. The Stephen McKillop is 40ft and powered by two inboard diesel engines delivering propulsion via twin jets.

The GDP’s Chief Officer, Rob Allen, said that the new vessels would enable the GDP to continue to carry out its role with modern, fast equipment.

Gibraltar’s Governor Lieutenant General Ed Davis said that the Tangier tragedy provided an inspiration for current officers.

Chief Superintendent Rob Allen said, “In just the last year or so we now have a new headquarters building, a new police club, new vehicles in our fleet, new firearms and other equipment and now a new marine fleet.

“On behalf of the men and women of this Force who have continued to perform to a very high standard, carrying out their crucial job in an ever more dangerous environment , I give my thanks for all of this considerable investment.“  

Relatives of the officers were also present during the handing-over ceremony.

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