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HMS Monmouth test endurance of Ship's Company

endurance of Ship’s Company
19 September 2017
On a blisteringly hot Thursday afternoon in the Indian Ocean, the Ship’s Company of HMS Monmouth were put to the test, both mentally and physically, during a Crash on Deck Exercise (CODEX).

A CODEX simulates a helicopter crash during an attempt to land or take off from the flight deck.  

It utilises all personnel in challenging and diverse roles. These range from managing manpower throughout the ship to deploying first aid parties and organising specialist fire fighters and cutting crews onto the scene.

Volunteers to act as casualties came in thick and fast, as most were aware that they would soon be cooled down by water monitors and fire hoses in the 38 degree heat!

As the exercise unfolded, so did the extra challenges. Surprise casualties were thrown in along with numerous fires breaking out where the deck (surfaces) and bulkheads (walls) had been breached through the simulated crash on deck.

An exercise as large as this is extremely challenging, not to mention in the extremes of the heat we have here in the Indian Ocean

Engineer Technician (Marine Engineering) 1 Joel Rogers

Engineer Technician (Marine Engineering) 1 Joel Rogers, one of the fire fighters on the simulated scene, said, “An exercise as large as this is extremely challenging, not to mention in the extremes of the heat we have here in the Indian Ocean.

“Wearing all the fire-fighting gear we need to remain protected makes it that much more difficult and realistic.”

With the exercise complete and all equipment stowed, it was time for 206 Flight embarked in HMS Monmouth, to prepare Wildcat ZZ533 for a routine flying sortie up into the cooler skies of the Indian Ocean.

Flight Commander Lieutenant Ashley Morgan explained, “It is essential that not only the flight team, but also the Ship’s Company, are ready to respond instinctively to any emergency.

“A crash on deck requires the whole ship to pull together and everyone needs to know their role. The conditions make it even harder out here but it’s good to see the essential teamwork and vital core knowledge being tested.”

HMS Monmouth continues her deployment of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and wider Middle East theatre.

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