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Navy Medics join HMS Ocean on humanitarian mission

15 September 2017
A Surgeon, anaesthetist and a surgical 8-man team have been flown on board HMS Ocean in preparation for what the ship may face when they arrive on station in the Caribbean.

The team of 10 medical staff joined the ship in Gibraltar to augment HMS Ocean’s medical team already on board the ship.

The embarked medical forces team are preparing themselves for what might be required of them when they arrive on station.

Surgeon Commander Anthony Lambert said: “We don’t know yet what might be required of us when we get to the Caribbean but we will be ready, willing and able to do whatever is needed. We have an expert team which has joined up with the Ocean’s medical team.”

Our medical training will be concentrating on thinking about potential injuries.

Petty Officer Medical Assistant Sarah Hart

While the ship is sailing at top speed to get to the Caribbean disaster area the whole ship’s company will be given top up first aid training by Ocean’s medical team.

Petty Officer Medical Assistant Sarah Hart, 35 from Plymouth in Devon, who oversees the medical section explained: “We are now going through all the stores that arrived on board in Gibraltar. We’ve received more emergency stretchers which are really good for use with the Chinooks and Merlin helicopters.

“Our medical training will be concentrating on thinking about potential injuries.

“A lot of the people on board are new and fresh out of training so they haven’t done any humanitarian aid before, we are learning on the way out.”

HMS Ocean was about to take on the role of Flagship to the Standing NATO Maritime Group in the Mediterranean when she was re-tasked. The crew are now learning and honing their skills.

There are daily refresher first aid courses being held in the hangar to equip everyone on board to be able to carry out and life-saving skills which includes CPR and being able to put people into the recovery position.

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