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Poppy Scotland appeal launched at HM Naval Base Clyde

31 October 2017
Service and civilian personnel at HM Naval Base Clyde joined together yesterday to launch the 2017 Poppy Scotland Appeal.

The first poppies went on sale today, Monday, 30 October in HMS Neptune’s Supermess at 1300, with Royal Navy, MOD and Babcock Marine staff going along to make their donations to this year’s appeal.

The official Poppy Scotland Launch took place on Wednesday, 25 October and poppies will be on sale here at various locations around the Base until Sunday, 12 November.

Commander John Livesey, Base Executive Officer, John Cole, Development Programme Assistant Head and Ian Moss, Babcock Marine Director of Human Resources were the first staff to make their contributions and receive their poppies at the Naval Base.

Base staff are encouraged to give generously and wear your poppies with pride.

Sergeant Annabelinda Hardy is coordinating this year’s appeal and she has distributed poppies and collection tins at many locations throughout the Naval Base.

Base staff are encouraged to give generously and wear your poppies with pride. The Scottish Poppy Appeal is also happy to take the old one pound coin.

If you have any that you have not managed to spend please donate to this worthwhile cause.

The Scottish Poppy Appeal is Scotland’s largest annual street collection. More than five million poppies and 60,000 collecting tins have been distributed around Scotland.

Poppy Scotland relies on a network of 450 volunteer area organisers and around 10,000 volunteer collectors who ensure that every corner of the country has their poppies in time for the Appeal.

Find out more about Poppy Scotland at:

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