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12 October 2017
Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, home of the Royal Navy's two Wildcat helicopter squadrons and HQ of Commando Helicopter Force with Merlin and Wildcat helicopter squadrons, held a Royal Navy Logistics Careers Open Day on 4th October 2017.

The aim of the day was to provide an opportunity for Students to learn more about the role of the Logistics branch in the Royal Navy.

The 50 Students were given a tour of the Air Station to provide them with an understanding of elements within the Royal Navy and in particular the Logistics Department functions at Yeovilton.

To help the Students find out more about Logistics delivery they had talks and demonstrations from Royal Navy fire fighters, medics, writers, stewards, chefs and stores.

Amongst these various activities was the opportunity to set up a field kitchen as after all the Fleet Air Arm needs to fuel its flyers and support personnel!

The schools that attended were Preston School, Stanchester Academy, Westfield Academy and Yeovil College.

All Students and Teachers left with a better understanding of some of the Logistics departments in the Royal Navy and their contribution to delivering and sustaining front line capability.

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