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Kenyan Navy visits Royal Navy Training Establishments

6 October 2017
A delegation from the Kenyan Navy has visited the Royal Navy’s training facilities in the South and South West of England to see how the Service trains its people for operations.

The visits to Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC), HMS Raleigh, HMS Sultan and HMS Collingwood were designed to show the Kenyan military how coaching and mentoring techniques are used by the Royal Navy. 

The Kenyan delegation was also briefed on how the training is mapped to civilian accredited degree courses, apprenticeships and other qualifications.

At BRNC the delegation were given a brief on the 30- week initial naval training course for Officers.  

The Royal Navy regularly hosts visitors from foreign Navies and defence forces to share its training methods.

They also visited the Royal Naval Leadership Academy to hear about the range of specialist courses teaching different leadership and management techniques.

Moving on to HMS Raleigh, in Cornwall, the visitors were shown around an accommodation block where recruits live during their 10-week basic training course in rooms of 30.  

They were given an outline of the recruit training programme and also visited the multi-million pound simulators used to teach fire-fighting, techniques to deal with floods at sea and first-aid training.  

The facilities at HMS Raleigh, providing maritime survival techniques, are replicated at HMS Phoenix in Portsmouth.

In the Portsmouth area the Kenyan delegation visited HMS Collingwood to see the computerised training systems which are used to train Officers and ratings specialising in warfare. 

They also visited HMS Sultan, to look at marine and air engineering.

The Royal Navy regularly hosts visitors from foreign Navies and defence forces to share its training methods. 

The Kenyan delegation’s visit was part of the Defence engagement programme with the Kenyan Defence Forces, under the bilateral Defence Cooperation Agreement.

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