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HMS Scott hosts multinational course

HMS Scott hosts multinational course
17 November 2017
The Royal Navy’s ocean survey ship HMS Scott hosted a visit by the prestigious multi-national Nippon Cartographic course in Plymouth.

The 16-week nautical chart-making course is run by the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) to teach students to produce nautical charts and related products.

Commander Nick Foster, captain of HMS Scott, said, “Hosting a group of cartographic students has been a real privilege for my ship’s company. 

“The opportunity to share our common experience of the challenges we all face when surveying in the maritime domain, only helps to build our mutual understanding and build foundations for future international liaison and co-operation.”   

Sponsored by The Nippon Foundation (a private, non-profit grant making organisation in Japan), the selected students consist of foreign military and government delegates selected according to survey experience and skills.  

Hosting such a senior group of hydrographic students has been a real privilege for my ship’s company

Commander Nick Foster, captain of HMS Scott

The visit to the ship in Devonport Naval Base happened half way through the course and took the students from the theory to the practicalities of military data gathering, processing and training. 

Jeff Bryant, the UKHO Training Manager, said, “The visit to HMS Scott was half way through the course, giving the students an appreciation of the practical element of military data collection, processing and training whilst cementing on-going relationships with the UKHO and international hydrographic offices.”

The students toured the ship’s bridge and data processing areas and talked informally with ship’s crew. 

They also visited Flag Officer Sea Training organisation’s Hydrography and Meteorological school to see how the Royal Navy trains its surveyors and to experience live deep sea data processing.   

The day culminated in an exchange of gifts and the presentation of the UKHO crest to Commander Foster.

Students came from the following countries, Malaysia, Ukraine, Algeria, Thailand, Ecuador, Venezuela, Turkey, Fiji, Sri Lanka and Japan.

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