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Culdrose Logistics Department Opens its Stores, Galleys and Offices to Local Students

6 November 2017
First aid, field kitchen, fire fighting and pay: not your average day at school you might think. But it is exactly what students from seven local secondary schools found out about when they were invited to RNAS Culdrose Logistics Open Day.

Young people who are interested in either a career in logistics or the wider military visited the Air Station to find out what life is like as a’ Loggie’.

But it is not just counting blankets and bullets; they learnt about the diverse range of career opportunities and also the more general aspects of military life. There were lots of opportunities to have a go, including fire fighting, first aid and some fitness training.

The schools present were Bodmin College, Penryn College, Pool Academy, Cape Cornwall School, Humphry Davy School, Richard Lander School and Redruth School. The day began with welcome brief and explanation of logistics within the Royal Navy.

The students heard about job opportunities from local Cornish sailors who have had very successful careers as chefs, logistics specialists and caterers. They then visited various venues around the Air Station to witness and participate in a number of activities.

This included a lunch stop at a field kitchen where a nutritious hot meal was prepared and delivered in the open.

We are amazed at the great career opportunities available.

Ben, Poole Academy

The students were very impressed. Ben, Lewis and Charlie from Poole Academy loved the day:  Ben said, "We are amazed at the great career opportunities available.

"We visited the Unit Personnel Office and saw what sailors get paid. We understand that they work hard for it, but it is a good reward."

Lewis liked the diverse range of options, "I didn’t realise what a great number of challenging and interesting jobs are out there. I was thinking of joining the Army, but the prospects look better in the Navy."

Charlie is interested in travel. "I like the idea of joining a ship and travelling to different places. I also like the teamwork."

Morta and Cordelia from Redruth School were impressed with the detailed explanations the sailors gave them. "We enjoyed the hands-on aspects of the day," said Morta.

Cordelia like the opportunities to travel the world, work with like-minded people and also the challenging career opportunities.

Chief Petty Officer George Mee was the organiser of the day. "It was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic young people here at Culdrose enjoying themselves.

"Many are now thinking about a career in logistics with the Navy. I was really impressed with their enthusiasm and the intelligent questions they asked.

"This is the biggest logistics open day in the Royal Navy and I am so please that the students got so much from it."

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