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Guns on the run during Helensburgh demonstration

31 May 2017
HMS Neptune Field Gun team put on an impressive performance recently when they demonstrated the demanding Field Gun run to hundreds of spectators in Helensburgh.

The team of Royal Navy sailors from HM Naval Base Clyde undertook two runs on the day with the Royal Marine Band Scotland and the West of Scotland Military Wives Choir adding to the pageantry of the occasion.

Captain of HMS Neptune, Captain Craig Mearns, said, "It was fantastic to see so many local people turn out for the event.

"I would like to express our thanks to those involved in organising the public run, in particular Argyll and Bute Council for their assistance, Police Scotland, team sponsors Lockheed Martin UK and Babcock Marine, as well as the Royal Marine Band and Military Wives Choir for some great entertainment."

The public event was in preparation for this year's Field Gun competition at HMS Collingwood Open Day this weekend.

It was fantastic to see so many local people turn out for the event

Captain Craig Mearns RN, Captain of HMS Neptune

During the competition dozens of Field Gun teams from around the country will gather to go head-to-head to determining the best of the best.

The Field Gun competition simulates the Naval Brigade's heroic mission to relieve the besieged British Army during the Second Boer War.

During the conflict the sailors offloaded guns from HMS Terrible and HMS Powerful, manhandling them over many miles to come to the Army's aid.

HMS Neptune Field Gun team have undergone weeks of training in preparation for the Collingwood competition. The super-fit gunners have endured physical training twice a day, as well as continual training with the one-tonne Field Gun.

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