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HMS Neptune Inter-Part Triathlon

16 May 2017
HMS Neptune, HM Naval Base Clyde's shore establishment, held their annual Inter-part Triathlon on Wednesday, May 10.

Thirty-two Base personnel, both military and civilian, took part in the competition which consisted of a four hundred metre swim, a twenty kilometre cycle and a five kilometer run.

The event which was organized by Leading Physical Trainer Will Callen was both fun and fiercly competitive throughout.

The age of participants varied from 17 to 50, with a wide range of experience including a first timer and an experienced GB athlete.

It was great to take part in the HMS Neptune Inter-part triathlon last week and it was a perfect season opener

The winner with a time of one hour, one minute and thirty-two seconds was Neill Barton of the HM Naval Base Clyde Emergency Planning Department.

Neill finished almost ten minutes ahead of the runner up, Able Seaman Matthew Fayers who has represented Great Britain in Triathlon.

The fastest masters (aged 35 and over) were Petty Officer Richard Wearmouth with a time of one hour, eleven minutes and five seconds and runner up Alan Fleming who finished on one hour, twelve minutes and sixteen seconds.

The winner of the event, Neill Barton is a keen triathlete and is involved with a local triathlon club.

"It was great to take part in the HMS Neptune Inter-part triathlon last week and it was a perfect season opener, " said Neill.

"As head coach at the Lomond Swimming and Triathlon club it was good to see some of our club members compete and for one member, it was his first triathlon!

The event was very well organised and marshalled so a big thank you goes to the Sportsdrome personnel and marshalls."

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