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BBC Weather man receives Royal Naval Reserve Medal live on BBC Radio Cornwall

10 May 2017
BBC Radio Cornwall’s and BBC Radio Devon’s weather man, Lieutenant Commander Kevin Thomas received the Volunteer Reserve Service Medal (VSRM) on Friday 5 May.

This was no ordinary presentation, as the ceremony took place live on BBC Radio Cornwall’s breakfast show.

Presenting the medal was RNAS Culdrose Commander Air and Training, Commander Jason Phillips, Kevin’s employing officer in the Royal Naval Reserve. 

The medal is awarded in recognition of long and efficient service in the Reserve Forces. The award of the VRSM is governed by the Royal Warrant. 

Kevin served a total of 35 years in the Royal Navy and Reserves

Kevin has now left the Royal Navy Reserve and the award of the medal was for outstanding service as a Royal Naval Reserve Officer.

Kevin served a total of 35 years in the Royal Navy and Reserves, spending much of his career at RNAS Culdrose near Helston, as well as at sea in HMS Bristol and Battleaxe, ashore in Gibraltar, The Netherlands, London, Prestwick near Glasgow and Portland. 

More recently as a Reserve Officer Kevin worked mainly at Culdrose and Prestwick, and also in Oman.

Kevin said on air that he enjoyed his time in the RN and RNR, having very fond memories of time at sea and ashore.

He will miss the camaraderie and challenge, but is looking forward spending more time at home with his family and working for BBC Radio Cornwall.

Commander Jason Phillips said that he was sad to see Kevin leave. He was professionalism personified. The RNR’s loss was the people of Cornwall’s gain.

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