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HMS Example's voyage along the East Coast of the UK

HMS Example’s voyage along the East Coast of the UK
31 March 2017
HMS Example’s voyage from Newcastle has seen her sail to Scarborough, Great Yarmouth, Chatham and Ramsgate. With some high winds and choppy waters, everyone was feeling some good old fashioned sea sickness but exciting distractions kept our minds focused.

We got the unique opportunity to play ‘The Enemy’ with a Type 45 Destroyer, HMS Diamond by playing the part of an enemy warship. As we approached HMS Diamond, a warning bellowed out on the radio - this was our first warning.

We played deaf and went full-steam ahead towards the destroyer and so they directed their fixed-wing aircraft to attack us.

HMS Example continued to close the destroyer, getting in range of their guns, which opened fire on us as we circled and harassed the destroyer now towering over us.

This exercise was watched by Northumbrian University Royal Naval Unit (URNU) students as well as three guests from the Northumbria Marine Police Unit including the Inspector of the unit.

Once the attack was over, we sailed on towards Great Yarmouth, this gave us chance to relax and catch up on routine jobs on board such as cleaning and maintenance.

A harbour day was the perfect opportunity for the cadets and crew to explore all that Great Yarmouth has to offer including the Horatio Nelson Museum.

the five students aboard have adapted well to life at sea and have become valuable members of the ships company

HMS Example's Executive Officer

A calmer transit took us down the east coast of the UK and across the Thames estuary to Chatham where we encountered our first lock. With some impressive driving from the Marine Engineer Officer and Commanding Officer, we entered the marina where we docked for the night.

After a fresh water wash down, we had our first meal ashore as a group - ship’s company included. Chatham historic dockyard was a stone’s throw away with main attractions of HMS Cavalier, HMS Gannet and the submarine HMS Ocelot, as well as a victorian rope museum and various other displays.

The following day, in Ramsgate, we docked in the marina and loaded up on stores for the ship. That night we gave the chef on board a rest and ate at the number one restaurant in Ramsgate – Shakey Shakey Fish and Chip shop, which did not disappoint.

The ships company and cadets enjoyed the delights of a Belgian Café for breakfast, before a smooth transit across the English Channel to Dunkirk.

As the week has progressed, the crew and cadets have pulled together excellently and we now work proficiently as a team.

The Executive Officer (XO), Chief Petty Officer Stroud said, “the five students aboard have adapted well to life at sea and have become valuable members of the ships company”.

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