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Students get an insight into Raleigh

21 March 2017
Students from across Plymouth and Tavistock have been given a look around HMS Raleigh to see how the Royal Navy trains its chefs, stewards, writers and supply chain specialists.

Nearly 80 students were invited to attend an Open Day at the Defence Maritime Logistics School (DMLS) organised in conjunction with the Armed Forces Careers Office. 

The visitors were shown the facilities used for training and were able to talk to serving sailors about life in the Royal Navy and question trainees on their experiences so far. 

Louis Parsons, who attends Stoke Damerel Community College, said:  “I want to join the Navy eventually.   We went to four different stances today.   

Today has opened my eyes. I’m now hoping to be a chef and I’ve been told what I need to do to work to that goal.

Shannon Worth

“We saw the chef training and the hospitality, which I’m really interested in and we saw the fire-arms and found out a little bit about basic training. 

“I’ve enjoyed being here where the training is done and I think it’s swayed me even more to join.  It’s been helpful speaking to the recruits.  They seem like they really enjoy it.”

Those attending also included a group of 14 students who are undertaking a public services course at Tavistock College. 

PE teacher, Rhona Doyle, said:  “I think they’ve realised by being here that there is so much variety in the Navy and there are so many different jobs that they could go into. 

“There is also lots of progression for them to move through the ranks and travel.”

Shannon Worth who attends Tavistock College said:  “It’s made me realise that there are lots of other jobs available than I thought when I was little. 

“Today has opened my eyes.  I’m now hoping to be a chef and I’ve been told what I need to do to work to that goal.”

The students tucked into a lunch, cooked in field kitchen conditions by a team of three chefs, made up of two trainees and their instructor. 

The visitors were given the choice of two pasta dishes cooked from ingredients found in a standard ration pack.

Trainee Chef Mark Crech, from Malta, was one of team.  He has been in the Royal Navy for eight months.  Chef Crech said:  “It’s the first time I’ve cooked in a field kitchen, but I’ve really enjoyed doing it. 

“I joined the Royal Navy firstly to travel and chose to be a chef because I enjoy food and cooking.  I finish my training in May.  It’s been tough at times, but I’ve been told it gets easier. 

“One of the other reasons I signed up was because of the qualifications, which when I leave the Royal Navy will set me up.”

Members of the Careers Service were on hand to advise the students on the entry requirements for the Royal Navy should they be interested in joining. 

Careers Advisor Chief Petty Officer Ben Elton said: “The students who came along today were clearly enthused and there was plenty of military experience on hand to answer their questions.”

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