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HMS Iron Duke visits affiliated City of Hull

Iron Duke visits affiliated City of Hull
21 March 2017
On a bright sunny Thursday morning (16 March 2017) HMS Iron Duke returned to her affiliated City of Hull, which is also the City of Culture 2017, for a four-day Port Visit.

This is the first time the ship has visited her affiliated city in a couple of years.  All Royal Navy ships have an affiliated city and to maintain links with Hull, which has a rich maritime history, is a huge privilege for the Portsmouth based Type 23 Frigate.

The visit was also the opportunity to show the ship to the local residents; during the Ship Open to Visitors day, the team managed to admit over 2,000 people onboard to get a taste of Naval life and talk to the sailors who live and breathe the ship on a daily basis.

Importantly, the Officers and Sailors of HMS Iron Duke exercised the Freedom of the City, a long standing tradition which sees the Lord Mayor grant permission for the Ship’s Company to march through the city, drums beating, weapons carried and White Ensign flying.  

The Ship’s Company managed to create a spectacular display as members of the public turned out along the route to watch the parade march through the city centre to the Guild Hall.

The media also highlighted our visit, with ITV, local radio and BFBS turning up to witness guided tours, interview members of the Ship’s Company, including 2 live broadcasts with the Commanding Officer for regional TV. Follow the ship on Twitter using @HMSIronDuke.

In and around the busy port visit schedule, members of the Ship’s Company managed to explore the sights of Hull, attend local sports fixtures including rugby and ice hockey and enjoy local attractions such as the aquarium.

Iron Duke is named after the first Duke of Wellington and is affiliated with the 1st Batallion of the Yorkshire Regiment.

The ship shares the regiment’s motto, 'Virtutis Fortuna Comes' meaning, 'Fortune is the Companion of Valour' which is inherited from the Duke of Wellingtons Regiment.

Iron Duke was also the name of Admiral Jellico’s Flagship at the battle of Jutland in 1916, a heritage the present ship is very proud of.

The ship is also affiliated to the Island of Jersey and regularly makes visits to the island.

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