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Clyde-based Royal Marines Commandos launch official tartan

Clyde-based Royal Marines Commandos launch official tartan
17 March 2017
We all know that a true Scotsman goes Commando under his kilt, but the phrase is set to take on a new meaning when Royal Marines from Clyde-based 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group launch their official tartan.

The 550-strong unit of green berets are based at HM Naval Base Clyde, charged with protecting the country’s nuclear deterrent and conducting counter-piracy and counter-narcotics operations around the world.

To mark their highly valued contribution to UK defence and their strong links with their home in Scotland, prestigious company Kinloch Anderson has produced an official 43 Commando tartan which they launched at their head office in Leith today.

“I am delighted to be here at Kinloch Anderson to thank the expert staff for the outstanding tartan they have produced for 43 Commando,” said Colonel Jock Fraser MBE, Commanding Officer of 43 Commando.

“It is fitting that we are launching the tartan at this time with two significant dates for the Unit on the horizon.  Firstly, the Unit’s memorable date of 2 April 1945, where 43 Commando were victorious at Lake Commacchio and where Corporal Thomas Peck Hunter VC was posthumously awarded of the Victoria Cross.

“Secondly, the upcoming commemoration of the Battle of Arras in 1917 where the Unit’s predecessor, the Second Battalion, Royal Marine Light Infantry, fought with such gallantry and at tremendous cost as part of the Royal Navy Division.”

The 43 Commando tartan symbolises the Unit’s links to Scotland and its design reflects the illustrious history and achievements of those who serve now and in the past

Colonel Jock Fraser MBE, Commanding Officer of 43 Commando

The 43 Commando tartan has been registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans and features the distinctive scarlet and gold stripes replicating the unique Unit lanyard.  

The remaining subtle colours reflect the understated ethos of the Royal Marines who have operated by sea and by land (“per mare per terram”) since 28 October 1664.  

The dominant shades of green represent the iconic Green Beret worn by Service personnel who have successfully completed Commando training and the green of the Marine’s “Lovats” service uniform.

John Kinloch Anderson, CEO of the Leith-based company, said, “Kinloch Anderson have a proud history of producing kilts and tartan for members of the Royal Family and the armed forces and we are very pleased to begin what we hope will be a long-standing relationship with 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines.”

In June last year Royal Marine Commandos from the Unit were involved in the seizure of illegal drugs with an estimated value of £5.6 million.

A Royal Marine Boarding Team for 43 Commando boarding a suspicious fishing dhow off the southern coast of Oman on June 7 and sized 51 bales of high grade hashish.

Meanwhile, in November last year, a Royal Marine sniper from the Clyde-based team brought a dramatic six-hour maritime chase to an end, when he took out the engine of a drug smuggler’s boat in the Caribbean.

Operating from the back of a Royal Navy Lynx helicopter, the 43 Commando marksman fired the spectacular shot, allowing the US Coast Guard to board the suspect boat and seize more than £40 million worth of cocaine.

Royal Marine teams from 43 Commando are currently deployed on counter-piracy and counter-narcotics operations in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. There is also a detachment of cold weather warfare training Royal Marines from the Unit deployed on the Royal Navy’s Ice Patrol Ship. 43 Commando is part of 3 Commando Brigade, the UK’s high readiness expeditionary amphibious force.

Kinloch Anderson is based today on the history and heritage of a prestigious independent family Company, currently managed by the fifth and sixth generations. Over its long history, the Company has proved to be innovative and internationally minded, without losing its adherence to the highest quality standards. Renowned for high quality clothing and textiles since 1868, the Company boasts three Royal warrants and designed the Royal Family’s Balmoral Tartan.

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