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Nelson hosts Navy developing Boxing Cup

16 March 2017
Young Boxers in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines got their chance to shine recently at the second Development Box Cup of 2017 held at HMS Nelson’s Gym in Portsmouth.

Designed to give the youngsters an opportunity to develop their skills, the Development Box Cup is aimed at boxers who are relatively new to the sport, and against opponents with comparable experience to enhance their sporting growth. 

The Box Cup structure seeks, as far as possible, to provide boxers with the maximum opportunity to compete in at least one bout over the competition.

“It is open to both males and female,” said Lt Lucy O’Connor of the RN&RM Boxing Association.

For some young boxers this is the first time they’ve stepped through the ropes into a competitive bout.

Lt Lucy O’Connor

“For some young boxers this is the first time they’ve stepped through the ropes into a competitive bout. 

“It’s pretty important they are matched fairly. 

“A lot of effort goes into making the event an occasion to be remembered, including the use of lights and music so that they enjoy the feeling of being in the spotlight and experience the ‘rush’ of boxing – even if they only do it once.”

From the three Royal Navy Box Cups and the Royal Marine Corps Championships, boxers are selected to represent their region at the Inter-Regional Championships to be held at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose between 21 – 23 Mar. 

The HMS Nelson box cup will also play host to the ‘RN box-offs’ where elite boxers from the RN&RM squad will compete for the elite navy championship title and the chance to represent the Naval Service in the forthcoming United Kingdom Armed Forces Boxing Championships to be held at commando training centre Royal Marines at Lympstone in Devon on 30 Mar 17.  

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