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Chief of Kenyan Defence Forces visits BRNC

13 March 2017
The Chief of the Kenyan Defence Forces has made a return visit to Britannia Royal Navy College 37 years after completing training at the College.

General Samson Mwathethe commissioned as a Seaman Officer at BRNC in 1980 and is now the highest ranking officer in the Kenyan Defence Forces.  

He took the opportunity to visit the College after his meeting with the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach which reaffirmed Defence ties between the UK and Kenya.

During his visit General Mwathethe was briefed on today’s initial naval training course.  In discussion it became clear that while training has changed since General Mwathethe attended BRNC, the core ethos and values have remained the same.

The General was particularly interested in the coaching policy and developmental packages now used by the College, which he felt could be paralleled in his Defence Forces.

General Mwathethe and his party were also taken on a tour of the College and met with a Kenyan Officer who is currently under training at the College.  He is due to complete the course next month.

Born in Malindi, General Mwathethe joined the Kenyan Navy in 1978. He took up his current appointment in April 2015.  

In addition to his training at BRNC, General Mwathethe has undertaken three further courses in the UK, including a course at the Royal Navy Staff College, Greenwich in 1989.

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