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New sea cadet boat named at Raleigh

3 July 2017
A new boat for the Sea Cadet Corps has been formally named at HMS Raleigh in memory of a former Admiral.

The boat named the ‘Admiral Sir Peter Abbott’ was funded mainly with a donation by the family of the late Admiral Sir Peter Abbott. 

A former Commander-in-Chief Fleet and Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff, Admiral Abbott continued to be a keen supporter of the Marine Society and Sea Cadets upon his retirement from the Royal Navy.  Admiral Abbott died in 2015 at the age of 73.

His daughter, Lucinda Cochrane, was invited to the National Sea Cadet training centre at HMS Raleigh for the boat naming, together with two of the Admiral’s grand-children, who are both Sea Cadets.  

It is a lovely way to commemorate someone’s life, especially someone who has been very involved with the Sea Cadets as Admiral Abbott was.

Vanessa Boyle

Mrs Cochrane said:  “As a family we are very honoured that the Sea Cadet organisation has chosen to name the boat after my father. 

“My dad was passionate about the Sea Cadets and young people and the opportunities they are given.  Having a boat will enable that to continue. 

“He was offered lots of charity work when he left the Royal Navy and picked very carefully.   He believed that everyone should have opportunities and he understood that not all families could afford them. 

“The Sea Cadets, along with the other Service cadet charities, offer the opportunities for children to see things. 

“He used to get very cross when people said it was the Navy recruiting.  He would say no it’s not, it’s about giving children opportunities and structure to feed into their home lives.  

“My dad would like the fact that it’s a motor-boat because he wasn’t that good at sailing.” 

The boat will be moored at HMS Raleigh’s sea sense training centre on the River Lynher.  Lieutenant Commander Emma Link, the Officer-in-Charge of Youth training at HMS Raleigh said: 

“This boat will be used to provide training from beginner level all the way through to those hoping to be powerboat instructors. It is helping to modernise our aging fleet and allows the cadets and volunteers to use equipment that will enhance their learning experience.”

The boat has been funded through a new initiative introduced by the Maritime Society and Sea Cadets.

Vanessa Boyle, the Individual Giving Manager at HQ Sea Cadets, explained:  “We are launching a new product so that people can raise money for something very tangible and in memory of a loved-one or friend.

“It is a lovely way to commemorate someone’s life, especially someone who has been very involved with the Sea Cadets as Admiral Abbott was. 

“We’d like to spread this initiative around the country so that other units can become involved.  It’s about units explaining what they need and then we match it with a donation.

“This boat is a very visible way of showing how important donations are to the units and the Sea Cadets nationally. 

“We get a lot of funding from the Royal Navy, but we are fundamentally a charity and also need a tangible income from donations.”  

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