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Regions top runners compete for cross country glory at Sultan

26 January 2017
HMS Sultan hosted some of the Royal Navy’s (RN) top Runners in competition recently at the Eastern Region Cross Country.

A total of 60 Runners from HMS Sultan, HMNB Portsmouth, HMS Collingwood, HMS Excellent and Royal Marines School of Music competed for a place in the top ten finishers in their category, to be part of the team who will compete at the Navy Championships at HMS Raleigh, Cornwall next month.

It was a case of second time around for those selected to compete from Sultan, as just a week before over 500 personnel from the Establishment, including the Commanding Officer, Captain Peter Towell, had completed the course which included a tour of the technical side of the Establishment.

Air Engineering Technician Emily Newton came in as the fastest female in both events, she said: “The course was a little bit boggier than last time and I had a race on Sunday so I’m a bit tired today but it was a really good race. 

Those who do well today will be selected to represent the Eastern Region in the Navy Championships

Lieutenant Commander Gough RN

“It was really good to have Sub lieutenant Chelsea Baker to push me; it’s a shame that more women haven’t got involved, as there are some fantastic opportunities.”

At the end of the race, Lieutenant Commander Ginge Gough, the RN Sports Officer for RN and UK Combined Forces Athletics and the RN Elite Athletes Programme presented prizes to race winners and a top performer award for the team from HMS Sultan.

He said: “Those who do well today will be selected to represent the Eastern Region in the Navy Championships, so I’m here to identify where the next generation of athletes will come from.” 

“It’s not only the Navy Championships they will run at, but they will go on much further.

“I know guys who have started here and gone on as far as the home international and Navy and UK Armed Forces level is certainly not too high a level to aim at.”

“I think the event went really well today, I’ve seen a lot of natural ability and with coaching and a bit of work they can be even more competitive.”

Position                                Name                                    Establishment

OPEN AGE           F 1         AET NEWTON                    SULTAN

                  F 2          S/LT BAKER                        COLLINGWOOD               

                  F 3          LT McMORRAN                 HMNB  

U23                       M 1        MUSN WRAY                      RMSOM

U23                       M 1        AB MURRAY                        SULTAN

U23                       M 1        MUSN TURNER                   RMSOM

SNR                       M 1        PO BARLOW                        HMNB

SNR                        M 2        S/LT CROWTHER              SULTAN

SNR                        M 3        S/LT WILKIE                       DAUNTLESS

VET                        F 1          MRS EVAN                           COLLINGWOOD

VET                        F 2         MRS SEWALL                       COLLINGWOOD               

VET                        M 1        MAJ REYNOLDS                   SULTAN

VET                        M 2       WO1 STOCKWELL                HMNB

VET                        M 3       CPO ARCHER                         HMNB    

1ST                         HMS SULTAN     TAKEN ON TOP 5 JOINT SCORES

2ND                       HMNB PORTSMOUTH

3RD                        RMSOM               

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