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Royal Navy Pilot to receive MBE

17 January 2017
Lieutenant Commander (Lt Cdr) Alun ‘Lucky Al’ Read will receive an MBE as he approaches the end of a long and distinguished career.

Lt Cdr Al Read is a Qualified Helicopter Instructor (QHI) with 815 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) at RNAS Yeovilton.

Using his matchless flying experience across 38 years he has played an invaluable role in furthering best practise in the unique environment of embarked military aviation in the Royal Navy (RN).

Having joined in 1979 Lt Cdr Read got his Wings in 1981 and has been an instructor since 1987 on all five helicopters he flies. 

The revision he led of important regulations and reference material used by aircrew on embarked operations has been invaluable and a lasting and significant contribution to maritime Operational Capability.

I am absolutely delighted with receiving this honour.

Lieutenant Commander Alun Read RN

He has enriched past and present Fleet Air Arm activity and helps underwrite its future and is in the finest traditions of the Service.

During his flying career in the RN and civilian flying hours he has flown 7 different aircraft the most recent being the Lynx Mk8 that goes out of service 31 March 2017 and at this point Lt Cdr Read will hang up his flying overalls with the Royal Navy!

In September 2015 Lt Cdr Read left fulltime service and joined the Royal Naval Reserves.

Lt Cdr Read said; “I will stay in the RNR until 60 in some capacity but will probably stop flying professionally at the end of March this year as the Mk 8 goes out of service.

“There is a suggestion that I might be allowed to fly the last MK 8 sortie (I was lucky enough to fly the last Mk 3 sortie) which would be a great honour.”

On receiving an MBE Lt Cdr said; “I am absolutely delighted with receiving this honour. It is something that my family above all others recognise as recognition of hard work over a long period of time.

“It comes just as I leave military flying and relax into chasing my many grandchildren around the country.

“It will be brilliant to get them all together for my day in the spotlight! This will however be quite challenging as I have 5 children and 7 grandchildren already!!”

Lt Cdr Read’s unrivalled technical knowledge and tireless professionalism has increased the operationally capability and improved safety of the Fleet Air Arm and wider Royal Navy a testament to his efforts.

That’s more than lucky Al……………….. Well done!

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