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Dalriada builds a strong foundation

HMS Dalriada newest recruit
20 February 2017
One of Glasgow Royal Navy Reserves’ newest recruits has taken other step towards his ambition of becoming a Sailor.

Recruit John Dohery, a lecturer in Medieval History at Glasgow University, was congratulated on completing the recruitment process and graduating from the Foundation Class to the Initial Naval Training (INT) Class by the Commanding Officer of HMS Dalriada, Commander Lesley Stephen.

Commander Stephen said, "The recruitment process for the RNR is the same as the Royal Navy and is the first undertaking for all those who aspire to join the RNR. Completing the recruitment process, comprising of tests in numeracy, verbal ability, mechanical comprehension and reasoning, a stringent medical, fitness test and interview is the first step of many for our new recruits.

I found the recruitment process surprisingly flexible and straightforward

Recruit John Dohery, HMS Dalriada

Commander Stephen continued, “HMS Dalriada created the Foundation Class in 2014 to allow us to invite potential new recruits to sample life in the RNR and so we could support them thought the recruitment process. For all of our new recruits graduating from the Foundation to INT Class is a key step on their journey to preparing for their two-week confirmation course at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall."

John said, "I found the recruitment process surprisingly flexible and straightforward, although it took me longer than planned as my work meant I had to move from Bristol to London and then Glasgow during the recruitment process. I was surprised at how quickly things can get done and how happy people are to help you when you speak to the staff responsible for managing the process.

"I was in the Army’s Officer Training Corps at university and I really enjoyed the camaraderie, teamwork and challenge. I was looking for those things but also wanted something different when I saw the RNR."

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