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BRNC seal cross country victory at Raleigh

12 December 2017
Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) took both the men’s and ladies’ title at this year’s South West United Services Cross Country League

The final round of the 2017 took place at HMS Raleigh in blustery and overcast conditions. Organised by Leading Physical Trainer (LPT) Megan Meyer, with strong support from the remainder of the on-site PT Department, the event attracted 60 participants of varying abilities from a diverse military, emergency services and university background.

The course, renowned as one of the best on the military calendar, consisted of undulating grassland with a small copse switchback circuit that took place within the establishment’s real estate. 

The men completed two and a half laps (5.6 miles) and ladies one and a half laps (3.8 miles). 

The league proved to be a success once again with over 400 athletes completing in at least one round.

WO1 Childs

This race was the last of six rounds in the league, with previous races being conducted every fortnight during the Autumn Term within the Devon and Cornwall area.

The final race was started by Warrant Officer 1 Bill Bailey (Physical Development Officer, HMS Raleigh), and quickly a lead pack was initiated though at a reserved pace.

However, by the end of the first lap, renowned Royal Navy endurance athlete Corporal (Cpl) Adam Stokes (Commando Logistics Regiment (CLR)) broke clear, averaging just under six minute mile pace to take a comfortable win.

Behind him veteran runner Alex Daniels (Devon & Cornwall Police) and junior William Dolding (Exeter University OTC) had a battle royal to finish second and third respectively.

In the ladies, Petty Officer Physical Trainer Julie Stroud (HMS Raleigh) showed some real good form to take the win on the day.

The league presentation took place in the Sports Bar, HMS Raleigh on completion with Commander Pinch Martin, the Commander HMS Raleigh presenting the awards.

After six rounds of competitive action, Cpl Adam Stokes (CLR) was crowned the Senior Men’s champion, with Mr Paul Stevens (Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue) runner up, Mr Steven Mahoney (Devon & Cornwall Police ) third and Officer Cadet (OC) Jonathon Pawson (BRNC) in fourth.

Mr Mike Musgrove (Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue) became men’s veteran champion, with Warrant Officer 1 (WO1) Sean Childs (BRNC) runner up and WO1 Phil Cope (Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Culdrose) third. 

Kevin Shute (RNAS Culdrose) was the junior men’s champion with OC Chris Argles (BRNC) runner up. In the ladies, Miss Alice Hopkin (DMG(SW)) was crowned senior champion, with Ms Megan Robson (Devon & Cornwall Police) runner up and Able Rate Unaisi Luke (HMS DRAKE) in third.

Lieutenant Commander Tilda Woodard (BRNC) took the veteran ladies’ title, with Ms Sarah Stevens (Devon & Cornwall Police) and Ms Shirley Newnham (Devon & Cornwall Police) completing second and third places on the rostrum, and finally OC Fleur Peoples (BRNC) took the ladies’ junior title.

Both the men’s and ladies’ titles were swept up by BRNC Dartmouth. 

WO1 Childs said:  “The league proved to be a success once again with over 400 athletes completing in at least one round. This is a testament to the perseverance, leadership and encouragement displayed by the relevant team managers. The prize list also reflects a widespread captive audience and community it attracts.”

A special mention must be reserved for the race organisers; in particular; round one BRNC – LPT Sarah Rushton, round two – CLR, Braunton Burrows -Cpl Adam Stokes, round three – D&C Police, Newnham Park - Mr James Blight, round four RNAS Culdrose - LPT Reed, round five Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, Woodbury Common – Cpl Matt Sorrell, and round 6 HMS Raleigh – LPT Megan Meyer.

However, the highest appreciation is reserved for LPT Tim Scrivener (HMS Raleigh) and LPT Sarah Rushton (BRNC) who as General Secretary and Results Secretary, were the main contributors to the success of the league.

As a look ahead, BRNC Dartmouth will host the Western Region Cross Country champs on Wed 24 Jan 18 and a week later the RN Inter Region champs at the same venue.

Then on Wed 21 Feb 17, the inaugural RN and SWUSCCL Inter Unit Relay Cross Country champs will take place at BRNC. Exciting and challenging times lay ahead.

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