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Peruvian Navy visit BRNC

7 August 2017
Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) Football Club faced a strong Peruvian Navy side in a friendly fixture arranged during the country’s sail training ship’s visit to the UK.

The Peruvian Naval students travelled to BRNC from London where the four mast tall-ship, BAP Union, was berthed for a six-day visit to further cement the strong relationship between the two Navies.

Despite the absence of many of BRNC’s first-team due to training commitments, the match started well with both teams attacking and defending well.  At half-time however the score remained 0-0.

The second half kicked off with some fresh legs and the BRNC team again started strongly.   But despite the renewed efforts, the Peruvians took the lead after taking advantage of a gap in defence.  

The handing over of the portrait was patently symbolic; not only of our entwined naval history but also of the importance Peru places on her relationship with the UK

Captain Jol Woodard rn

Five minutes later the Peruvian team extended their lead with another goal from the same player who made a great run and scored at what seemed like an impossible angle.

BRNC came back with attacking vengeance with several attempts that failed to find the net.  A rash challenge in the box gave BRNC a life-line with the home team’s Captain stepping up to score from the penalty spot.

The game ended with a 1-2 win for the Peruvian side, who it transpired were the South American Naval Academy fútbol champions.

Office training for the Peruvian Navy takes place at La Punta in El Callao, Lima.  During their time in Dartmouth the visitors were given a tour of the historic Royal Navy College. 

In a show of friendship the Peruvian delegation presented a picture of the BAP Union and a book on Peruvian Naval Officer Training to Commander Rob Dunn, second-in-command of the College.

The BAP Union is the second tallest sailing ship in the world and was commissioned just 18 months ago.  Her visit to the UK coincided with the 196th anniversary of Peruvian independence from Spain. 

Captain Jol Woodard, the Commanding Officer of BRNC, and a contingent from the College were invited to a reception on board the BAP Union. 

During the reception, held to mark the Peruvian National Day, a specially commissioned portrait of Admiral Martin Guise, a Royal Navy officer who helped to form the Peruvian Navy, was presented to Capt Woodard.

Capt Woodard said:  “The handing over of the portrait was patently symbolic; not only of our entwined naval history but also of the importance Peru places on her relationship with the UK, as we do them. To have been the recipient on behalf of the RN was deeply humbling and a real honour.”

Admiral Guise served alongside Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar and upon leaving the Royal Navy travelled to South America alongside Admiral Thomas Cochrane.  The painting presented to Capt Woodard is a replica of the original portrait of Admiral Guise on display in Peru.

The BAP Union left London with two Officer Cadets from BRNC on board.  They will stay with the ship until she reaches Le Harve in mid-August, taking advantage of the fantastic training opportunity provided by a tall ship of this size.  

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