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HMS Collingwood hosts WRNS100 afternoon tea

3 August 2017
An Afternoon Tea was held in the Wardroom, HMS Collingwood on Friday 28th July as part of the local celebrations to mark WRNS100.

Commander (Cdr) Heather Rimmer Royal Navy, Training Support Commander at the Fareham base, welcomed the 140 guests comprising of ladies who had joined the Women’s Royal Navy Service (WRNS), together with a small contingent of those still serving.

Carole Simpson, an ex-LWren(MT) and POWren(ETS) said “It’s lovely to see such a good turn-out despite the bad weather!”

Rona Marsden, an ex-POWren (RS), said that the event was “Brilliant” and that it had been wonderful to meet other generations of WRNS.

It’s lovely to see such a good turn-out

Carole Simpson

After thanking those involved Cdr Rimmer addressed the visitors, recognising the achievements of the WRNS to date, and anticipating those yet to come, which was received with rapturous applause.

The event was organised by Sara Knowles, an ex-POWren(ETS) currently working in the Learning and Development Centre, HMS Collingwood, and CPO Debbie Faben, of Victory Squadron, HMS Collingwood.

They joined the WRNS together in 1986, and along with Cdr Rimmer - another blue badged Wren - were inundated with compliments for organising the event, which included of a raffle that raised £1000 towards the WRNS Benevolent Trust.

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