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Cornish students get a taste of The Royal Navy

3 April 2017
Students from Cornwall College Military Academy have been given a taste of life in the Royal Navy during a two-day visit to Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC).

The group of eight students and two staff were given the chance to experience some of the training undertaken by the Officer Cadets during their 30-week initial naval training course. 

Throughout their stay the group were accommodated on board Hindostan, a decommissioned minesweeper, and underwent daily inspections of their accommodation. 

The ship is moored permanently alongside at BRNC’s river-side facility.  

They experienced a short glimpse of Officer Training at the College and were fortunate enough to be given an historical tour of the College

Claire Reynolds

Highlights of the two days included an opportunity for seamanship training out on the River Dart using BRNC’s range of small boats. 

The students took part in team-work challenges to develop skills such as leadership and communication. 

They were also put through their paces by BRNC’s PT staff and undertook a period of marching and drill instruction with the College ceremonial training staff.

Lieutenant Commander Clara Hewitt said:  “It was a pleasure to host the students and give them an insight into our training and also what life in the Royal Navy is like as they make important decisions about their career paths. 

“The students are six months into their course and had previously very little contact with the Royal Navy.

“The visit certainly provoked a lot of thought and they were very engaged and asked questions throughout.”

Connor Mason, was one of the students taking part.  He is currently enrolled on the Military Academy and Public Services course Level 2. 

The former pupil of Poltair School said:  “This was a great opportunity to give me a wider view on the Royal Navy before starting my phase one Army Training. 

“I really enjoyed driving the Picket Boats and spending time on the River Dart and was really pleased I managed to drive the boat up to and pick up a buoy.”

Claire Reynolds, the course tutor, said: “The visit to BRNC was a huge success. It really engaged and inspired the students.

“They experienced a short glimpse of Officer Training at the College and were fortunate enough to be given an historical tour of the College by Commander Rob Dunn – they were given some fantastic opportunities and all really enjoyed their time spent on the river. 

“A really inspirational and exciting visit, I would like to thank all the staff who made this possible”

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