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Chid Kick up a Storm in Muscat

30 September 2016
MCM2 Crew 3 are now half way through their six month deployment of the Middle East and found themselves in Muscat, Oman where they challenged the unbeaten Muscat Storm (a team of British Ex Pats) to a football match.

HMS Middleton, known to have a good team, had played the Storm earlier in the year and been beaten 7-1, so there were a few whispers going around that a tough completion lay ahead.

 On route to the stadium the team were enthusiastic and spurred on by an impromptu motivational speech from the ships Warfare Young Officer SLt Brearly who said, “I know we have some great players but I think our approach to games even before the first whistle has cost us in the past.

"Therefore I wanted to make sure we went at them with a winning attitude. It felt right and seemed to get everyone gee’d up."

Therefore I wanted to make sure we went at them with a winning attitude. It felt right and seemed to get everyone gee’d up.

SLt Brearly

HMS Chiddingfold dominated the game from the start, most of the play in the first 30 minutes had storm on the back foot in their own half and it wasn’t long before AB ‘Digger’ Gardner scored with a sublime lob of the keeper.

He said, “I saw the chance and I took it. I have been scoring every game and that’s why I get picked to start.” ET WE ‘Laid Back’ Jackson also had a go at goal with a magnificent left footed free kick which hit the post.

 Chid made some changes after the 30 minute mark in order to keep legs fresh and counter the effects of the 35 degree heat.

However this proved to be counterproductive and, with players finding themselves out of position, the Storm managed a scrappy goal from a corner to break even. Five minutes later a fumble in the box saw Storm take the lead with another pokey goal.

Remaining calm under pressure AB(Sea) Reece ‘Pieces’ Williams said, “Although we went behind we didn’t panic, we continued to press them and play with freedom.

"I found my self on the edge of the box and thought I would have a go and test the keeper. I couldn’t have planned a better finish and the ball hit the cross bar and thundered past the keeper who was left wanting”.

Two-all and the half time whistle sounded.

Half-time saw some words of wisdom from Ex Scotland International AB(MW) David MacNamee and the second half was neck and neck.

With 5 minutes to go one of Muscat Storm’s wingers found himself in space on the right wing and scored from range. Despite battling to the final whistle HMS Chiddingfold couldn’t break even.

At the nearby Grand Hyatt hotel the Muscat Storm provided catering as a thank you for the game.

The Storm’s Captain summed the evening up “We all enjoyed it and think its great the Royal Navy can come here and maintain links with foreign British nationals.

"We look forward to another RN team visiting and seeing if they will take up the challenge.” 

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