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Sailor unveils commemorative Battle of Jutland coin

Jutland commemoration events in London
9 September 2016
A Royal Navy descendant of a hero at the Battle of Jutland was today helping to launch a commemorative coin.

To mark the 100th anniversary of the battle, the Royal Mint has issued ‘the Boy Hero of Jutland’ on a commemorative UK £5 coin.

Jack Cornwell VC appears on the coin as he is one of the great heroes of the war famous for demonstrating immense courage and gallantry in the face of extreme danger.

Cornwell is depicted in a portrait-style design at his post, as the last surviving gunner aboard the stricken HMS Chester. The coin’s edge lettering reads ‘mother, don’t watch for postie’ a quotation from ‘The Ballad of Jack Cornwell’ by Charles Causley.

The coin was being unveiled today at the Imperial War Museum at a ceremony attended by Cornwell’s great great nephew Able Seaman Alex Sadiris, who currently serves in HMS Iron Duke.

The museum currently has the gun from HMS Chester on display, as well as Cornwell’s VC.

The Royal Mint has been making official military campaign medals since it was commissioned to make awards for soldiers who fought in the battle of Waterloo in 1815.

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