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Naval Reservist Katherine delivers double duty on Reserves Day

9 September 2016
Living a double life, busy Nursing Sister Katherine Pink delivers personal medical care and support to patients suffering from severe and complex neurological injuries in her professional capacity at the Phoenix Rehabilitation Centre at Queen Alexandra’s Hospital, Portsmouth.

In her other part-time role, as a Petty Officer in the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR), she delivers a specialist capability to the Royal Navy in the Logistics Branch, serving to support ships, transfer personnel and equipment to military operations worldwide.

At her local RNR unit, HMS King Alfred based in Portsmouth, Katherine also plays a key role raising awareness of the RNR by helping to deliver the outreach opportunities and recruiting events.

Passionate about raising awareness of the RNR, it is no surprise that Katherine is playing her part on Reserves Forces Day, (8 Sept) this year. 

It is incredibly important that we continue to raise awareness of how our employers help us and how our families support us

Nursing Sister Katherine Pink

Katherine is very proud to wear the uniform of the Royal Navy, and is keen to celebrate the fact that her own employer, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust in Hampshire is a supportive partner in allowing reservists to conduct their training and national military duties in times of need.

Katherine said:  “Reserves Day provides an ideal opportunity to demonstrate that we are here, working everywhere in the community.

“Reservists are amongst society, in every walk of life. Reserves Day is the one day that we become visible amongst our co-workers. 

“It is incredibly important that we continue to raise awareness of how our employers help us and how our families support us, allowing us time to conduct our training to deliver these extra capabilities.”

“Being a reservist has given me an opportunity to travel, learn additional skills, achieve qualifications that have helped me to get promoted in my civilian role as a nurse.

“I get paid for the hours worked as a reservist plus an additional tax free bonus at the end of the year and another great bonus is that I have met many new friends in the RNR.”

Marion Moffatt, Matron at the Stroke and Rehabilitation Services said: “Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust hosts a large Medical Defence Unit and has a proud history of supporting service personnel in substantive and reserve roles.

“Kathy is a positive role model for other staff, demonstrating that it is possible to balance a career in the NHS and with a role in the Naval Reserves.

“Kathy's leadership qualities are mutually beneficial to both roles and she engages in these roles with both gusto and enthusiasm.”

The Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust was presented with an Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award in recognition of the work the Trust has undertaken to support both its regular Medical Military Services personnel and reservists amongst their staff. 

The award was presented in 2015 on board HMS Victory by the then Minister of the Reserves, Mr Julian Brazier TD MP.

Katherine has deployed overseas in her RNR role several times to support military operations.

Initially in 2001, supporting military operations from Oman and Kenya while more recently deploying to Djibouti to support the logistics chain for military operations in the Gulf and Afghanistan.

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