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Royal Naval Reserves accelerated performance

5 September 2016
Midshipmen from the Royal Naval Reserve Accelerated Officer Programme passed out at HMS Excellent on Friday 2 September, delivering 31 new Officers to the Royal Naval Reserve.

After an eight week intensive training programme the 31 Midshipmen from Royal Naval Reserve units around the country passed out on Friday 2 September at HMS Excellent, the home of Navy Command.

The course has included time at Britannia Royal Naval College, the Commando Training Centre Lympstone, RFA Argus and Portsmouth Naval Base.

The pass out is the culmination of their studies covering the basics of what it is to be an Officer in the Royal Naval Reserve.

The training for Officers in the Royal Naval Reserve usually takes two years on a part time basis.

Lt Col Neil Watkinson

The Accelerated Officer Programme (AOP) which was trialled in 2015 trains Officer Cadets, composed of a mixture of new recruits and current ratings, from a variety of backgrounds.

Working long days to ensure they have the required core knowledge as well as the physical fitness and leadership skills, they are fully immersed in the training pipeline for eight weeks without a day off, leaving behind day jobs and families to meet the exacting standards expected of a Midshipman in the Royal Naval Reserve.

Once they return to their Units they will continue their training and choose a specialisation to get them to trained strength as quickly as possible to deploy as part of the Royal Navy, joint or international operations.

The head of the course Lt Col Neil Watkinson said “The training for Officers in the Royal Naval Reserve usually takes two years on a part time basis.

“By committing to this intense programme these young Midshipmen have done it in eight weeks.

“They should all be very proud of what they have achieved and I look forward to working with them in the future as they take up their place as Officers in the Royal Naval family”

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