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Dalriada Reservists celebrate Reserves day

7 October 2016
Glasgow’s Royal Navy Reserve Unit, HMS Dalriada, have marked Reserves Day by visiting two local reserve employers, Deloitte and V.Ships, and by hosting civilian employers at their Unit training night.

Employers, which included Babcock, BAE Systems, Calmac Ferries, RNAD Coulport, Royal Mail, Scottish Hydro Electric and SERCO, had the opportunity to get involved in some of the world class training their reservist employees receive.

Highlights included fire fighting, handling an SA80 assault rifle, sea survival and taking charge in challenging leadership exercises. 

Employers were also able to discover the full range of skills reservists can bring to their civilian workplace.

It’s been a great opportunity to meet some of their employers as they are so important in the support of my ship’s company.

Commander Lesley Stephen RN

The enthusiasm and professionalism of the reservists was widely acknowledged amongst the attending employers.

Able Seaman Robert McLellan, who works at V.Ships, was joined by his Purchasing Manager, Joanne McCulloch.

She said "I have seen a marked increase in Robert’s levels of confidence which has resulted in him being allocated more complex issues to manage."

HMS Dalriada’s Commanding Officer, Commander Lesley Stephen, said:  "Our reservists come from all walks of life and professions.

“It’s been a great opportunity to meet some of their employers as they are so important in the support of my ship’s company.

“They enable them to attend training and exercises which provide them with the skills they need to operate alongside our regular counterparts as an integral part of the Armed Forces. 

“I was also pleased to show current and potential employers of reservists some of the valuable skills people have developed by being part of the Reserve Forces."

Colonel Jeff Moulton, Deputy Commander Maritime Reserves, said: “The contribution our reservists make to our Armed Forces often goes unrecognised within their civilian lives and as such Reserves Day provides not only an opportunity for reservists to show pride in their service, but for the whole of the UK to recognise and celebrate the valuable contribution reservists make.”

“Reservists are currently supporting a wide range of worldwide operations including Afghanistan, Northern Iraq, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina and as part of the UK's effort to counter Ebola in Sierra Leone. 

“This is only possible due to the dedication shown by reservists and the support they receive from their families and especially their employers."

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