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Collingwood personnel get a health overhaul

16 November 2016
Recently a Physical Trainer from HMS Collingwood tasked himself with helping military and civilian personnel who are looking to take on a healthier lifestyle.

When Leading Physical Trainer Luke Steele received his shore based draft to HMS Collingwood, he decided to make it his mission to help individuals who wanted to improve their wellbeing and banish bad lifestyle habits.

With plenty of passion for the subject, Luke created his Healthy Lifestyle Programme and began to spread the word around the establishment.

Interested personnel, of all ranks and organisations, were invited to attend weekly interactive sessions.

The first session was Luke’s chance to share some of his knowledge of nutrition with the group, taking them back to basics to dispute common health and diet myths. 

I really want to help people who want to make that change within their lifestyle

Leading Physical Trainer Luke Steele, HMS Collingwood

This was followed by a weigh-in, which measured personnel’s health statistics such as; weight, metabolic age and BMI.

As well as nutrition, the programme aims to introduce a variety of exercise to suit the participant’s lifestyles, with physical sessions including; functional fitness, spinning, yoga and many more, allowing individuals to discover activities they enjoy and find beneficial.

Luke, who is currently looking to gain a degree in nutrition, said of his Healthy Lifestyle Programme, “I really want to help people who want to make that change within their lifestyle; it’s all about breaking bad habits and forming new, healthy ones.”

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