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Hand over of command in HMS Iron Duke

Hand over of command in HMS Iron Duke
15 November 2016
Commander Steven Banfield MBE RN has assumed command of HMS Iron Duke in Portsmouth, one of the Royal Navy’s Type 23 Frigates.

His career has seen him appointed to a number of ships, including HMS Cumberland, HMS Edinburgh and HMS Middleton. He also Navigated the first T45 Destroyer, HMS Daring during her first entry to Portsmouth. More widely, Cdr Banfield, worked under the Defence Attaché in Basra as the UK Liaison Officer to the United States District South, Iraq for six months.

After an assignment as the Principal Warfare Officer in HMS Sutherland, he commanded HMS Severn in July 2014 deploying the Ship on North Atlantic Patrol Tasking in the Caribbean for eight months. Following this, he commanded HMS Clyde on patrol around the Falklands.

His latest command is now HMS Iron Duke which returned from a busy six month deployment to the Baltic during the first 6 months of 2016 working closely with NATO allies, providing deterrence and reassurance within the region.

The new Commanding Officer said during his enthusiastic address to the ships company, “It is a huge honour and a privilege to take command of HMS Iron Duke, a ship with such a successful reputation.”

It is a huge honour and a privilege to take command of HMS Iron Duke, a ship with such a successful reputation

Commander Steven Banfield MBE Royal Navy, Commanding Officer of HMS Iron Duke

The Ship’s previous CO was Commander Ben Aldous RN who will be taking up his next post as Executive Assistant to the Second Sea Lord.

His departure included a sail past of Iron Duke during which the Ship’s Company paraded on the upper deck to wish him well by ‘cheering Ship’, a celebratory tradition that involves waving farewell with one’s cap.

Iron Duke is named after the first Duke of Wellington and is affiliated with the 1st Batallion of the Yorkshire Regiment.

The ship shares the regiment’s motto, “Virtutis Fortuna Comes” meaning, “Fortune is the Companion of Valour” which is inherited from the Duke of Wellingtons Regiment.

Iron Duke was also the name of Admiral Jellico’s Flagship at the battle of Jutland in 1916, a heritage the present ship is very proud of.  

The ship is also affiliated to the Island of Jersey and regularly makes visits to the Island.

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