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First engineering direct entry Petty Officers ready for sea

8 November 2016
A group of experienced engineers are celebrating reaching the standards required to transfer from skilled civilians into sailors as part of the Royal Navy’s first class on the Direct Entry Petty Officer Technician scheme (DE).

Four engineering recruits with previous technical knowledge and experience, who have also supervised industry technicians, made the transition from civilian to sailor with the rank of DE Petty Officer Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) (DE POET(ME)).

After initially expressing an interest in joining the Royal Navy, each of the recruits was put through a special programme at the Admiralty Interview Board, HMS Sultan to assess their suitability to become marine engineers in the Service. From there the trainees went on to HMS Raleigh in order to complete up to 10 weeks of military training.

From Raleigh, the group undertook further Service training including sea survival skills before heading back to HMS Sultan for further technical, management and administration training within the Defence College of Technical Training’s Defence School of Marine Engineering.

Having completed their time at HMS Sultan the DO POETs will pass out to their first ships, working within a Type 23 frigate or Type 45 destroyer.

My family are really proud to see me pass out; it’s a big thing for them and for me.

DE POET(ME) Matt Goodman

Drafted to Type 23, HMS Somerset, DE POET(ME) Matt Goodman, 36, worked all over the world as a maintenance engineer and electrician within oil rigs before joining the RN.

He said: “I’m enjoying being part of the Navy, it just seems to tick all the right boxes and I’ve enjoyed it all so far. It’s opened my mind up to a lot of different things and hopefully I will get to see the other half of the world that I didn’t see when I was working on Oil Rigs.”

“All four of us are from different backgrounds and I never thought I would do this, but now I am I’m really happy. It’s been novel for many of the Petty Officers who have seen us around the place, but the feedback has been really positive.”

“The pilot course has been good, it teaches you about management, safety, we’ve been able to learn in simulators and have also spent time on the training ship HMS Bristol doing some hands-on modules, plus we will carry on the learning experience at Sea.”

“We’ve already been able to do so remittance within both Type 23 and Type 45s which has given us a good idea of how the ships are laid out and how it works. I’m still a little bit nervous about going up the gangway for the first time, but everybody will be.

"My family are really proud to see me pass out; it’s a big thing for them and for me.”

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