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Trainee submariners help out in the community

27 May 2016
Trainee Royal Navy submariners from Devonport Naval Base have joined forces with College students, looking for a career in the military, to help clean-up a Cornish beach.

The students are currently undergoing a Public Services course at Duchy College and worked alongside the budding submariners to comb the beach at Porthtowan, picking up litter and debris washed in by the tide.

Warrant Officer 1 Jeff Crawford, Submarine Qualification Training Officer, said:  “The beach-clean was a great opportunity for our students to interact with those from Duchy College. 

“They were able to share their experiences of being in the Royal Navy so far with those students that are considering a career within the military. 

This was a welcome break for these trainees and a great opportunity to give something back to the local communities as well as raise the profile of the Submarine Service.

WO Crawford

“The trainees were also able to explain the benefits a career in the Senior Service can bring, especially the Submarine Service.

“The day ended with an organised barbecue and football match which allowed each set of students to continue bonding.”

The trainee submariners have also been lending their support to a community project in Plymouth, known at the Stonehouse Project, where they used their team-working and other transferable skills to clear an area of Union Street. 

This community run scheme plans to open a shop and garden on a space that has been derelict for 25 years, to improve the area and create opportunities for local people to gain skills and get to know each other.

The submariners painted metal fencing, created a backdrop planting area and made some planters out of old wood.

In addition the trainees have also helped to clear areas at Brunel and St Stephens Schools in Saltash, to allow the school children to start growing their own vegetables and herbs, as well as improving the look of the gardens by clearing some of the debris.

WO Crawford said:  “Our teams were using spare time from their submarine qualification course, where they must learn how the submarine's systems work and understand all technical aspects, from how the boat dives and surfaces, to how the nuclear reactor works.

“They are also taught to embrace the Submarine Service ethos of absolute professionalism, adaptability, responsibility, unity and humour.

“This was a welcome break for these trainees and a great opportunity to give something back to the local communities as well as raise the profile of the Submarine Service. “

Submarine Qualification (South), at Devonport Naval Base, is a satellite of the Royal Navy Submarine School at HMS Raleigh.

Trainee submariners undertake 11 weeks training within the section, before moving on to a period at sea on board an operational submarine where they put everything they’ve learnt into practice.

Once they reach the required standard and pass the required tests at sea, they are presented with their dolphins, the coveted emblem of the submarine service.

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