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Masterclass in cricket from Royal Navy team

Cricketers from HMS Bangor took on an 11 from the United Kingdom Maritime Component Command (UKMCC) in Bahrain.

Bangor’s team, who were playing for the pride of the mine counter measures vessels based in the kingdom, won the toss and elected to bat.

AB Aaron Spinks notched up some runs with classic batting strokes but Bangor lost the ship’s navigator Lieutenant Nathan Davies for a duck.

Bangor finished their innings with 116 runs and it was the turn of UKMCC to bat in the match which was played in the early morning before the day got too hot.

It was a good game and HMS Bangor played well.

Leading Regulator Mitchell

Chief Petty Officer Pat Garrett gave a masterclass in batting, making early runs from the HMS Bangor bowling attack led by the ship’s Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Tom Weaver.

Chief Garrett was well supported by Leading Regulator Sebastian Mitchell, and runs were steadily accumulated with the UKMCC Commodore Will Warrender adding to the score.

With only a single run required, Lieutenant Will Barrowclough ensured the match was won and a jubilant UKMCC team claimed victory.

Leading Regulator Mitchell said: “It was a good game and HMS Bangor played well.  However, I think we earned the victory and our place in history.”      

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