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Instructors put pupils through their paces

10 May 2016
Recently Fareham College attended HMS Collingwood for an unforgettable training session with two naval Physical Training Instructors in preparation for the Junior Leaders Field Gun Competition.

With the Seniors Challenge set to take place at the HMS Collingwood Open Day on Saturday 4 June, the annual Junior Leaders Field Gun Competition is following suit with the final on Friday 8 July.

This competition reflects the traditional Royal Navy Field Gun, introducing the sport to youths aged 18-25.

The teams will consist of individuals who have either recently joined the Armed Forces, have just begun apprenticeships with major commercial organisations or who are studying at local colleges. 

The session today has been a great motivation for everyone as it has taken the team out of their comfort zone

Steve Christian

The team from the Uniformed Service course at Fareham College, aged between 17 and 20, got a first hand glimpse into the intense training of a naval field gunner as the two organisations strengthen their ongoing relationship.

They were invited to the establishment’s Sports and Recreation Centre for a training session with Chief Physical Trainer Jimmy Forwell and Leading Physical Trainer Will Ballanger, replicating the preparation in which Royal Navy sailors endure once they have joined their respective field gun team.

Pupils were subject to rounds of traditional circuits including activities such as lifting various weights, intense rowing and powerful sprints.

With the Junior Leaders Challenge offering youths a chance to work as a team and challenge them in a unique setting, the training and overall experience also comes as a valuable experience for team members that are considering a career in the armed forces.

Steve Christian, Field Gun Officer for Fareham College, said of the visit “It’s been a great opportunity for the course to receive this training, it acts as a guide for our future sessions at the college and also gives the students a look into military life as we currently have roughly 10 individuals in the team looking at a career in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

“The session today has been a great motivation for everyone as it has taken the team out of their comfort zone, giving them the extra push to show the trainers what they can really do!”

Fareham College have entered the challenge for 6 years, last year the crew even won the Endeavour trophy, which recognises the crew who have shown the greatest improvement throughout the competition.

The team will now continue their endurance training every Tuesday morning until the competition.

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