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Fleet Air Arm engineers transfer to Submarine Service

Fleet Air Arm engineers transfer to Submarine Service
30 March 2016
Three qualified engineers from the Royal Navy’s Feet Air Arm have transferred to the Submarine Service, it was announced 24 March 2016.

Air Engineer Chief Petty Officers Peter Brown and Simon Whittell together with Petty Officer Matthew Wellard have now joined the former Royal Navy submarine HMS Tireless, which is now in disposal in Devonport.

They will now complete a bespoke training package to introduce them to the Submarine Service before joining operational submarines later this the year where they will re-train and qualify as Marine Engineer (Submarines). 

"Personnel transferring into the Submarine Service will receive a £5,000 ‘Golden Hello’ on achieving their ‘Dolphins’ – a recognition that they have qualified as a submariner," said Captain of the Submarine Flotilla, Captain Scott Bower RN. 

As they progress they will be entitled to an attractive submarine pay package

Captain Scott Bower RN

"As they progress they will be entitled to an attractive submarine pay package which could equate to as much as 25% depending on rank and specialisation."

The trio's transfer is in addition to a wider Royal Navy intitivitve to encourage 40 engineering qualified personnel to trainer into the Submarine Service. Announced in February, this has already attracted over 100 expressions of interest.

Any such transfer comes with it a five year return of service once personnel become submarine qualified.

This requires volunteers must have at least three years left to serve; accept an extension of service; be Medically Fully Employable and hold or be willing to hold sole British nationality.

Once they are transferred and qualify as submariners, branch specific training would begin to help the new engineers manage and sustain technologically advance and world-beating engineering systems.

Those interested in transferring to the Submarine Service can contact the team by phone (Military Network) 9380 28603.

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