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Crookhorn college students face leadership challenges

23 March 2016
Two groups of students from Crookhorn College visited HMS Collingwood recently to undertake leadership challenges in preparation for their forthcoming Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition.

The students aged 14-15 and in year 10, are working towards their bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, and will shortly go to the New Forest for their expedition where they will spend two days and one night, walking for over 10 hours during the course of the two days.

To help the groups develop their leadership skills and team bonding, visits to the Royal Navy Leadership Academy (RNLA), HMS Collingwood, were arranged by Lieutenant Commander Simon Weaver an Officer based at the Fareham site, whose daughter Hannah is one of the students involved with the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. 

It’s great that we can offer use of our facility here at HMS Collingwood and contribute to the student’s learning

Lieutenant Commander Simon Weaver

Also actively involved with the scheme Simon had previously visited the school to deliver some practical leadership tasks and decided to liaise with the RNLA to see what more could be arranged.

He said “Participating in The Duke of Edinburgh Award is really important for students; it builds confidence and develops teamwork and communication between the students.

“It also provides them with an extra string to their bow when applying for further education or a job, giving them valuable experience to draw upon in interview situations and provides them with personal examples to use in commonly asked questions regarding leadership, initiative and teamwork.

“It’s great that we can offer use of our facility here at HMS Collingwood and contribute to the student’s learning.”

Hosted by Warrant Officer Scott Matthewson, the challenges he set the groups were firstly to all travel from one platform to the other without touching the ground but using a swinging rope and then see how far along tow parallel ropes groups of two could move, whilst supporting each other.

When asked about the challenges Hannah, 14, said “I think this was great fun, it’s been nice to have someone who’s trained in leadership skills and knows what they are doing help us with these things.”

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