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Diamond hosts a day for her affiliates

Diamond hosts a day for her affiliates
22 March 2016
Portsmouth based HMS Diamond has been making the most of a short period alongside in her home port, playing host to guests from her affiliated city of Coventry.

Having been awarded the Freedom of the City in 2013, Diamond is the latest Royal Navy warship to continue the long history of association with Coventry and, to this day, carries the ‘Cross of Nails’ which was fabricated from the City’s Cathedral following extensive bomb damage during WW2 and carried by HMS Coventry during the Falklands War where they were recovered from the seabed following her sinking.

On-board, representatives of the Coventry Freeman’s Guild were treated to 24 hours in the life of a Royal Navy sailor serving on the cutting edge Type 45 Destroyer. 

The relationship with Coventry, and the Freeman’s Guild in particular is so important.

Lieutenant Commander Hugh Botterill RN

Lieutenant Dan Simpson, one of the Ship’s Fighter Control Officers was responsible for planning the event;

“Diamond’s affiliation with the City of Coventry is something we take very seriously, and we work hard to make sure we keep the City updated on what the Ship has been doing” he said “Nothing beats being able to host them on board, and show them first-hand what it is we do.”

The visit saw the guests explore every area of the Ship, witnessing a simulated “war” in the Operations Room, a fire fighting exercise on the Quarterdeck and spending time in all of the mess decks talking to sailors about their jobs and life on board.

The culmination of the evening was a formal dinner, held in Diamond’s Wardroom, hosted by Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Hugh Botterill “The relationship with Coventry, and the Freeman’s Guild in particular is so important. 

“They are always so interested in what the Ship is doing, and on deployment they provide a really vital link back to the UK, that’s why it is so important to give something back, and days like this allow us to do that”.

At the reception following the meal Freeman Bob Crane presented Lt Cdr Botterill a commemorative sword as a gift to the Ship in recognition of the strong ties between the Ship and the City of Coventry. 

The sword engraved with a series of motifs depicting the heritage of Coventry and topped with the Crest will be mounted in the soon to be renovated Wardroom on-board. 

“Receiving the ceremonial sword was a great honour for the ship, and it will now take pride of place on-board” said Hugh.

“We look forward to continuing to grow the friendship between the Ship and the City of Coventry in the years to come”

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